We are honored to have our work displayed in these, and many other fine publications.

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Response to Our Lights

Holroyd Studios is creating custom lights that are closely based on European fixtures we have always enjoyed (but have rarely been able to find). There is nothing on the market like these. Each fixture is hand-made, as were the original ones that inspired them, with great attention to detail.

Marc Appleton
Appleton & Associates, Inc - Architects


Unfortunately it’s now rare to come across true artisans in our industry. That’s not the case with Holroyd Studios’ exquisite line of light fixtures. I am sincerely impressed by their seemingly unwavering commitment to produce elegant, unusual and hand-made lighting. These fixtures are manufactured with great skill and meticulous attention to detail. I have untold respect for anyone who devotes themselves to crafting beauty in a world that seems to care less and less for the real thing. And Holroyd Studios makes the real thing.

Madeline Stuart
Madeline Stuart & Associates


Holroyd Studios have an amazing product. Delicate and beautifully proportioned, with crafts- manship, integrity and quality worthy of comparison to the finest fixtures available during Califonia’s Golden Age.

Kevin Clark
Kevin A. Clark Inc.